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Strumento n.4 MK2 received the most prestigious award for high-end audio products in Japan, the GRAND PRIX AWARD 2016 by Stereo Sound magazine.


Audia Flight has just appeared in Japan, but it has received this great
recognition from the award committee of the magazine Stereo sound, which
has awarded the Grand Prix 2016 Award as the best amplifier to
Strumento n.4 MK2.
We are honored to receive this prestigious award.
We wish to thank our Japanese distributor for his wonderful support.

The award will be presented in January 2017.

FLS4 has won the Best Product 2016 in Poland


We are honorated and so happy to know High Fidelity has rewarded our FLS4 stereo power amplifier as Best Product 2016.

The new FLS4 stereo power amplifier is available


The FLS Series is the newest line from Audia Flight. With the FLS Series we are revisiting elements of our tried and true Classic Series, though the FLS Series takes many of its circuit design cues from our reference Strumento Series. One might say then that the FLS Series represents all we have learned over our 20 plus years with Audia Flight.

The new FLS family has been created to bring the music lover closer to the level of our Strumento Series without the Strumento Series' inherent cost-no-object approach.

Now the first product of this family is available


Welcome to our new Japanese distributor - News - Audia

Welcome to our new Japanese distributor


It is official, Audia Flight has a new distributor in Japan. Thank You Mister Eiji Asahi.



The new Power Amplifier from Audia Flight,
able to reproduce with precision, power, velocity all details.


München - High End 2013 Show


May 09-12 2013 we will exhibit at the High End 2013 Show in München at Atrium 4, 1.OG, room 104 with Fischer&Fischer loudspeakers and Mudra Cables.

High End 2013 Show