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The FLS Series is the newest line from Audia Flight
With the FLS Series we are revisiting elements of our tried and true Classic Series, though the FLS Series takes many of its circuit design cues from 
our reference Strumento Series. 
One might say then that the FLS Series represents all we have learned over our 20 plus years with Audia Flight
The new FLS family has been created to bring the music lover closer to the level of our Strumento Series without the Strumento Series' inherent 
cost-no-object approach. 

FLS 20 - FLS - SACD Players - Audia

FLS 20

Series: FLS
Sections: SACD Players
FLS8 - FLS - Power Amplifiers - Audia


Series: FLS
FLS4 - FLS - Power Amplifiers - Audia


Series: FLS
F L S 10 - FLS - Integrated Amplifiers - Audia

F L S 10

Series: FLS
FLS1 - FLS - Preamplifiers - Audia


Series: FLS
Sections: Preamplifiers
FLS9 - FLS - Integrated Amplifiers - Audia


Series: FLS