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Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition


Il 22 e 23 settembre saremo presenti insieme a Music Tools al Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition che si terrà presso il  Palacongressi di Rimini. Il sistema sarà composto dal nostro preamplificatore reference Strumento n. 1, dalla coppia di amplificatori reference Strumento n. 8 e dai nuovi diffusori Albedo Atesia. Vi aspettiamo numerosi.

Guangzhou AV Fair 2017


Amazing sound in Guangzhou AV Fair 2017! 

Guangzhou AV Fair 2017


We will be present at the Guangzhou AV Fair 2017. 

Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2017


Incredible success in our room. The Strumento n. 8 mono block power amplifiers drived the Avalon Tesseract wonderfully! 

Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2017


As usual, to thank you our distributor First Impression Marketing, we will be present at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2017. In his room will play our Strumento n. 8 mono block power amplifier. 

München - High End 2017 Show


FROM 18TH TO 21ST MAY 2017

We are waiting for you!!!! (A4.1 F122)

The new FLS1 stereo preamplifier is available


We have announced the FLS1 about three year ago but we have spent three years more to introduce the FLS1. It was crucial for Audia Flight team the experience made with the Strumento n.1 mk2 worldwide awarded preamplifier. Now it is available!!!

The new FLS10 stereo integrated amplifier is available


The FLS10 is the perfect choice for a hi-end integrated amplifier. FLS10 use same technology of FLS4 power amplifier and FLS1 stereo preamplifier. Now it's available!!!

Strumento n.4 MK2 received the most prestigious award for high-end audio products in Japan, the GRAND PRIX AWARD 2016 by Stereo Sound magazine.


Audia Flight has just appeared in Japan, but it has received this great
recognition from the award committee of the magazine Stereo sound, which
has awarded the Grand Prix 2016 Award as the best amplifier to
Strumento n.4 MK2.
We are honored to receive this prestigious award.
We wish to thank our Japanese distributor for his wonderful support.

The award will be presented in January 2017.