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Terry Ellis video reviewing the FLS9

Terry Ellis video reviewing the FLS9

München - High End 2022 Show


From 19 of May to 22 of May

ATRIUM 4.1  ROOM F121 

We are waiting for you!!!!!!

Great review for FLCD3S on Hi-Fi Voice which includes it in its recommended products. Thanks!

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Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product acknowledgment for our FLS9!


The EAR five star


Honored to receive the EAR five star for our FLS9 integrated amplifier from The Ear magazine, UK.

BEST BUY of the year 2020


Two times happy to receive this award from HiFi Review magazine. Our babies Audia Flight FL3S integrated amplifier and FLCD3S cd player are the Best Buy products of the 2020 year! Thank you so much!

A wonderful review in HIFI REVIEW magazine of June from Hong Kong


Honored to receive the Fidelity 2020 award in superior category for our Audia Flight Strumento n. 4 mk2 from Germany


The new FLCD3S cd player is now available


We are so happy to reintroduce a cd player in our catalogue.
The new FLCD3S cd player uses the best technology available for your pleasure